V-Day Gift Guide For Guys Who Love Tech

This article was originally written by Abbie Jolly and originally appeared on her blog, Small Beauty

The Best Tech Gifts Of 2019

I know what you’re already thinking, isn’t it a little early for V-Day gift guides? But I’ve got quite a few birthdays coming up in my family and I always find it so hard to buy for men, or even knowing how much I should spend. For those of you who are getting your Valentines shopping done early this year, this should hopefully be helpful to you!

I always struggle to find my boyfriend a good gift, even after being together for 3 years, he either already has everything he wants, or what he does want is super expensive. He is into his games though and just as it happens I’ve recently stumbled upon an interesting website that does all sorts of tech and games at a discounted price, which is certainly helpful if you’re on a tight budget! I think a lot of men like tech to an extent, whether it’s the latest PS4 game, or if he’s into photography, tech covers a lot of different interests, but it doesn’t come without a price! Which is why Latest Deals is a great place to look first, it finds all the best deals for whatever you might be after and puts them all into one place. This website isn’t just for techy stuff either, so it would be a great place to check first if you already know what you want to buy – you could find yourself a bargain!


If he’s into his games then shopping for him can be made a little bit easier, with these little steps: Find out what kind of console he plays on, be it PS4, Xbox, Switch (my personal fave), or PC, then try and get an idea of what kind of game he’d like, if you don’t already know, ask a few questions without making it too obvious if you want it to be a surprise, then find where it’s cheapest! As I mentioned earlier, when it comes to looking for the best price I’d recommend taking a look at the Latest Deals site, I didn’t quite understand it at first, but after browsing it for a while it’s definitely a website I’ll be using again in the future, it even shows where they’ve found the lowest prices, which definitely gives me piece of mind!

Tech Accessories

If he’s already got all the games he needs then maybe find something he doesn’t already have, or upgrade something he does! Something my partner gets a lot of use out of is his headset, he’s upgraded it a few times already so I won’t be buying him one this time! But if the man you’re buying for is a bit of a gamer then this is a pretty good option! I’ll leave a few other gift suggestions linked down below for those of you who want to skip the chat and get straight to the deals!

For me, shopping for men is never just a walk in the park, they never say what they’d like for their birthday or Christmas, so it just leaves me running around desperately looking for gift ideas. Which is why I’ve curated this quick and simple gift guide to make shopping that little bit easier!

This article was originally written by Abbie Jolly and originally appeared on her blog, Small Beauty

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