The Ultimate Valentines Day Gift Guide For Him

This article was originally written by Abbie Jolly and originally appeared on her blog, Small Beauty

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day is only a couple of weeks away and if you have a special someone you’d like to treat then I’ve got a great little gift guide to help you through. Not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day, whether they’re in a relationship or not, but I think its a great excuse to show someone you love them, be it a boyfriend or just a friend. Men are usually particularly hard to buy for, they never give any clue as to what they’d like, so I’ve listed a few ideas that should be much appreciated by your significant other.


I always struggle to find my boyfriend a good gift, even after being together for 3 years, he either already has everything he wants, or what he does want is super expensive, but he is very much into his techy stuff. I think a lot of men like tech to an extent, whether it’s the latest PS4 game, or if he’s into photography, tech covers a lot of different interests!


I know clothes shopping for a man can be pretty daunting, but I always buy clothes for my cousin for Christmas / his birthday (he loves Hollister), and I don’t think my fashion sense is too bad, so hopefully my gifts aren’t the worst he’s received! If you know the kind of clothes he’s into then this could be a pretty good option, plain t-shirts are never a bad idea, and if you’re really not sure then socks are never out of fashion!

Restaurant Vouchers

The obvious option on Valentine’s Day is to go out for a meal, so why not buy him vouchers to his favourite place to eat? This way he wont have to pay for the Valentine’s meal and you get something out of it too!


If you’re really stuck for ideas, or if you’re on a tighter budget then there are a few smaller things that will make for a great gift, for example, a new wallet, a keyring, cufflinks (if he dresses smartly a lot), a personalised mug, the list goes on! do lots of great personalised options, for things like wallets which would make a lovely gift. If none of those sound like they’ll be well received then you could always just how a lovely home-cooked meal together while watching your favourite film – to me, that would be the perfect Valentine’s treat.

Hopefully these ideas have helped you decide what to do on V-Day or what to buy your partner. As I said earlier, not everyone bothers with Valentine’s Day, and if you’re one of people I hope you still have a lovely day, taken or single. Let me know below what you usually do on Valentine’s Day, be it with a boyfriend/ girlfriend, or just with friends.

~Small Beauty

This article was originally written by Abbie Jolly and originally appeared on her blog, Small Beauty

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