How To Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and that means pumpkin spice lattes, cooler temperatures and a whole new wardrobe. Or does it? Chances are, you already have the foundation for a killer fall wardrobe in your closet. By adding a few key pieces (and using your imagination), you can take your summer staples right into autumn! Read on for the Bless Guide to transitioning a summer wardrobe into fall.woman with long curly blonde hair wearing a sweater and looking directly at the camera

Keep Your Maxi Dresses

Almost any outfit, from a maxi dress to a sleeveless jumpsuit, can be re-fashioned into a fall ensemble with a few tweaks. So before you relegate your breezy maxis to the back of your closet, try pairing them with a belted blazer, a chunky knit sweater or even a knotted chambray shirt. The trick is to layer up, and then balance our the look by defining your waist for added structure and shape.

Add Tights and Socks

An easy way to add a layer? Add tights! Tights can add pattern, texture and a pop of color to an outfit, and at $6 – $20 bucks a pop, they’re a cheap way to extend the life of your short skirts and dresses. Opaque tights make nearly any miniskirt office appropriate, and you can even get some fleece-linedones for colder months! If you’re looking for a little more coverage, leggings are a great option. To make open-toed heels and sandals wearable all fall long, add a pretty pair of sheer or patterned socks for a schoolgirl chic vibe. (We love the sheer Cassi Mini Crew socks by Tavi Noir ($12) from our August Bless Box!)

Layer Up

Layers are fashionable and functional – our favorite combination! The formula? Layer long over lean. This means matching up longer-length tops (tunics, long tanks, boyfriend cardigans) over lean bottoms (tights, leggings, skinny jeans). This formula will help you keep your layered looks from getting too bulky. To top off a layered outfit, simply add a jacket or sweater on top and a pair of boots. When in doubt, throw on a scarf!

Add Deeper Colors

Summer is the season of pastels, neons, floral tones and bright whites. Fall is the season of deep hues, vibrant jewel tones and rich earth tones. Try mixing in deeper tones like ochre, plum and rust with your summer-toned pieces. Adding deeper tones will bring down the brightness of summer colors, and bring your fall look into focus.

Invest In A Statement Jacket

A coat or jacket can shift the entire tone of your outfit, and can shift the vibe of whatever you have underneath. It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on up-to-the-minute trendy jackets, but my advice is to purchase one really great statement jacket that will go with all your looks for the season. You can never go wrong with a military-style cargo jacket with a waist cinch, a moto leather jacket, a well-cut blazer or a classic trench. Trust me – you’ll reach for them fall after fall.


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