The Bless Guide To Saving A Manicure From Chips, Splits & Cracks

Why do our nails break?

For one thing, you can blame the household chores. Washing dishes, scrubbing floors or using harsh chemicals can dry out your nails and cuticles, leading to breaks and splits. Before you use this your mani as an excuse to dump all the chores on your SO or abandon the hopes of having pretty nails again, take a deep breath. There is a simple fix! Invest in a sturdy pair of rubber gloves, and a nourishing hand cream like the Tula Skincare Probiotic Hand & Nail Therapy featured in our Spring 2018 Bonus Box.

The File It Down Method

Let’s get this out of the way – sometimes the best solution is to avoid nail glue altogether and simply file down your broken nail(s). Opt for a glass or a fine-grain nail file (like the metal file in the NCLA Cheers Nail Kit featured in our July 2018 Bless Box) as neither one of these files will further damage the nail.

The Tea Bag Method

To create a temporary patch or “band aid” over a torn nail, you can use a tea bag! Cut the top of the tea bag off, and empty out the loose tea leaves. Cut off a square piece of tea bag big enough to fully cover the break or tear. Make sure your nails are clean and bare of all polish before you start. Apply a small dot of nail glue to the break and use tweezers place the square of tea bag over the break. Once the patch is dry, buff the nail smooth and finish everything off with a base coat or your favorite nail polish. Voila! 

The Silk Wrap Method

Like the tea bag method, nail silk wraps serve as a kind of a band-aid for a broken nail. Start by cleaning your nails with some rubbing alcohol. Place a silk wrap over your entire nail and layer a thin coat of nail glue over the entire nail. Dip your whole nail in nail powder, so that it’s completely covered in the nail powder. Brush away any excess nail powder and file your nail to the desired length. Gently buff the nail to smooth everything down and finish off with a base coat of polish.

The Fake Nail Method

If the break is really bad, you might want to just apply a fake acrylic nail. This will give your real nail a bit of time to heal. You can do this at home, with an acrylic nail kit, by applying some easy press-on nails, or by going to a salon and getting an acrylic nail applied. Now, before you roll you eyes, press-on nails have come a looooong way – there’s a hundred different styles, polish colors, lengths and finishes, from glitter to gel to matte. It’s a full manicure in a box, for less than $10!

For Smaller Cracks & Chipped Nails

If your nail is just slightly chipped at the edge, file it down with a fine-grained or glass nail file. Buff your nails and apply a base coat afterward. For smaller cracks, you can also try covering the crack or the break with a clear layer of a top coat or clear nail polish. Reapply a couple of times and allow to dry.

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