Summer to Fall Skincare Woes? Meet Curology

Tired of trial and error skincare? Us too. Figuring out the right products for your skin can be hard enough, but when you add changes in the weather…it can be enough to drive anyone crazy. Summer skincare is all about getting that gorgeous sheen (without sun-damage, use SPF ok??) and Fall is about protection, healing, and hydration. Who has time to figure all of that out?

‘Cause guess what? Skincare isn’t one-size-fits-all (and it shouldn’t be).

Settling into a good skincare routine takes time. Switching and swapping products every time the weather changes can be a real pain and can actually make it harder for you to pinpoint the problem areas with your skin, getting to the root of the issue. So, what’s the solution?

Curology Headshot

Meet Curology.

You’ll recognize their moisturizer from our August Heatwave Bless. But did you know they have an entire skincare line, tailored just to you?

Essentially, Curology does all the work for you. Forget wasting expensive products and risking weird chemicals on your sensitive skin. Curology’s team of dermatologists work to create a custom super one-of-a-kind formula that’s designed especially for you. It’s called their “Superbottle” for a good reason.

Curology Superbottle

The process is incredibly simple. Once you’ve washed your face for the day and you’re makeup-free, just settle in for the night and take their skincare quiz. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a skincare expert. Fill out what you know about your skin, any concerns you have, snap a few pics of your bare, beautiful face and let their team do all the heavy lifting.  Within the next week, you’ll have everything you need for clear, healthy skin no matter the season.

With Curology, simplicity is key.

They’ll take care of the essentials: a powerful cleanser, a great moisturizer, and the finishing touch; your custom Superbottle. And if you have any questions about what’s inside, or what any of the ingredients in your Superbottle actually does…well they’ll take care that for you too.

You can chat with a personal dermatologist on their team ANY time you have skincare concerns, don’t know exactly what Niacinamide is (it helps repair your skin fight dark spots, smooths wrinkles, and soothes redness), or if you notice any changes in your skin as you start using their formula.

So easy, right?

You can even update your formula from month to month and they’ll make the needed changes to your routine, no extra effort required. This is the ultimate essential in your seasonal transition skincare. No waste. No hassle. Just simple, custom skincare.

We’ll make this even easier for you. Sign up using our exclusive collab link and get a FREE month trial of Curology to test out all this hype before you commit to anything.

But I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.

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