Sazan’s Tips For Your Best Brows Ever

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Hey y’all! Sazan here! If there’s one part of my beauty routine that I’m obsessive about, its maintaining my brows! Seriously y’all, I could be headed out on a camping trip and I’d pack my Tarte Arch Architect Brow Pencil Gel in my back pocket! This 2-in-1 universal eyebrow shaper is the only product I need to shape, define and enhance my natural brows. I’m gonna go through my step-by-step guide for swoon-worthy brows, so you can follow along at home with the Arch Architect included in July’s Bless Box!


Step 1 – Fluff

Start out with clean brows. I like to take a clean spoolie brush and brush my brows smooth with short, even, slightly-upward strokes. This will fluff up your brows, show you where any sparse spots are, and give you that youthful Brooke Shields brow!

Step 2 – Shape

To easily shape your brows for a natural, soft look, take your Arch Architect brow pencil and gently fill in and extend the natural lines of your brows. The key to keeping filled-in brows natural is to not overly fill in the inside corners of your brows or make the end points to harsh!

Step 3 – Fill

Now that you have the shape of your brows defined, it’s time to fill in! Using short dash-like strokes to mimic your natural hairs, gently fill in any sparse areas with the angled-tip brow pencil.

Step 4 – Blend

Brush through your brows again with the clean spoolie brush to blend out the color and soften any harsh lines.

Step 5 – Set

Now that your brow masterpiece is complete, set your look using the clear gel topcoat! This gel will hold your hairs in place, while adding dimension and a healthy shine.

Voila! See how perfectly defined brows frame your entire fact and bring out your gorgeous eyes, with or without any additional makeup? You look stunning! Snap some selfies, and don’t forget to hashtag #doubledutybeauty #busygirlbeauty and #blessitforward !


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