November 2018


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Happy Autumn! November is one of my favorite months of the year – the last kiss of #fallvibes before we snuggle up to winter. It’s a whole month full of family, friends, and some seriously yummy food. November is also all about counting your blessings, being grateful, and blessing it forward. It’s sooo important in our busy lives to take a moment to pause, take it all in, and really reflect on the people who make our lives wonderful!

SkinActives, Brow and Lash Serum

Got brow envy? Repair the damage of all those years plucking (hey, we’ve all been there!) and condition and pamper your brows and lashes with the SkinActives Brow and Lash Serum! This serum combines nourishing actives with Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF) for thicker, stronger, healthier hair. Brows and lashes appear fuller, as the hair follicles themselves become thicker and stronger! This is better than a thickening mascara or brow gel that gives the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes and brows - this serum gives you the real deal. Studies show results a soon as two weeks! For best results, use this serum consistently for up to six weeks.

Nion Beauty, Opus 2Go Brushes

Jetting off on a holiday vacay? This disposable silicone facial brush from Opus is your new holiday travel essential! The Opus 2Go features Opus’s signature S-Ion technology silicone which boosts radiance by using negative ions to cleanse, counteract environmental toxins, and promote skin health. Opus 2Go’s Kinetic Skin Cleansing System uses gentle vibrations instead of abrasive fiction to remove dirt and impurities and to clear pores, leaving your skin’s natural protective oils intact. With enough juice to last you up to a month, this travel brush is anti-bacterial (so it’s safe to use in the shower).

House of Lashes, Serene Lite or Demure Lite Lashes

This month I am so excited to bring you each a pair of gorgeous lashes from one of my fave lash makers - House of Lashes! I couldn’t pick just one favorite lash, so for November each of my best babes will get a pair of either the Serene Lite Lashes or the Demure Lite Lashes. Both the Serene Lite Lashes and the Demure Lite Lashes are gorgeous multilayered, crisscrossed lashes designed to make your eyes the star of the show. Super lightweight and easy to wear, these lashes add a flirty touch to any makeup look! I chose these two lash styles because they’re sexy enough for date night but still wearable for every day. Some days you just need an extra touch of femininity and glamour, and baby, these lashes will bring it!

EDEN BodyWorks, Coconut Shea Body Lotion

We’re smack dab in the middle of fall, heading into winter. Anyone else got a tropical getaway on their mind? Send yourself on a summery vacay with the Coconut Shea Body Lotion from EDEN BodyWorks! This lotion is a lightweight, hydrating body cream enriched with Vitamin E and Shea Butter to leave skin soft, smooth and moisturized. For best results, massage EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Body Lotion into slightly damp skin after bathing to seal in moisture and protect from the elements. Reapply as needed throughout the day to keep your skin feeling soft, supple and smooth.

Perfectil, Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins

What’s my secret for long, strong nails, shiny, healthy hair and glowing skin? Perfectil Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins! Perfectil is the UK’s number one triple-acting beauty supplement. We all know that old saying, “you are what you eat.” Well, it turns out it’s true! What we put in our bodies has a huuuge impact on both our internal health and our outer appearance. Perfectil delivers beauty from within with a daily dose of over 20 micronutrients including Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Niacin (Vitamin B3) and Biotin for healthy skin, and minerals like Selenium and Zinc which promote strong hair and nails. One vitamin a day helps your gorgeous hair, skin and nails stay!

Kopari, Mini Coconut Deodorant

Finally, a healthy, all-natural deodorant that really works! This aluminum-free Coconut Deodorant from Kopari glides on clear, lasts all day with no sticky feel and leaves you smelling like fresh coconut milk. Made with zero harmful ingredients, aluminum or baking soda, this deodorant is non-irritating and safe for sensitive skin. Instead of chemicals and heavy metals, plant-based actives like Sage Oil and Coconut Oil fight the bacteria that causes odor. Let’s be honest - sweat on your bod is natural, aluminum and toxic chemicals are not. So break up with your antiperspirant, and let your skin breathe, babe! Over 100,000 people have made the switch from chemical-filled antiperspirants to Kopari’s Coconut Deodorant. Will you be next?

Oribe, Dry Texturizing Spray (1oz)

Bigger is better, y’all! Get full-on glamorous, gorgeous, volumized hair with the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray! This invisible dry hair spray builds incredible volume and sexy texture without weight, stickiness or crunchiness. This Dry Texturizing Spray is a cult classic styling tool for a reason! Patented polymers build incredible body while absorbing oil at your roots for salon-fresh, just-styled hair all day and all night. A fabulous alternative to dry shampoo, which can leave your hair feeling weighed-down, this spray adds gorgeous texture and lift without any powdery residue. I keep this Dry Texturizing Spray handy for any time I want to add a little extra oomph and glamour to my look!

Viter, Spearmint or Peppermint Energy Mints

Feeling that 3 o’clock slump? Whether you’re at your desk, stuck in traffic or on the go, get a caffeine boost without the coffee breath! Viter Energy Mints give you a boost of minty fresh breath with a kick of caffeine to help you power through your busy day. Each mint contains 40 milligrams of caffeine per mint - that’s about half a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine - so you can control how much caffeine you take in! In addition to the caffeine, each mint contains a powerful Vitamin B complex with Niacin (B3), Vitamin B6, Folic Acid (B9) and Vitamin B12 to keep you energized without any jitters. I reach for Viter Energy Mints to keep me alert, awake and energized throughout my day!

Busy Beauty, Showerless Body Wipes

Sometimes a gal just doesn’t have time for a full shower! Whether you’re freshening up after the gym, running late for work (it happens!) or making do while travelling, busy ladies need a pack of these Showerless Body Wipes from Busy Beauty on hand! These Busy Beauty Showerless Body Wipes are individually wrapped, extra thick, extra large and extra soft wipes that quickly cleanse your skin and remove grime and odor with no rinsing required. Each wipe is made with double pearl knotted cotton for durability and strength, and infused with natural essential oils like antiseptic peppermint and tea tree and calming lavender oil. One wipe is enough to refresh your bod from head to toe, and they’re made sturdy so they won’t fall apart on you.

First Aid Beauty, Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration (1oz)

Winter is coming! Banish dry, distressed skin with this head-to-toe moisturizer from First Aid Beauty! The Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration Cream provides instant relief and long-term hydration for stressed skin. It’s even super effective for eczema treatment! The cream’s smooth, whipped texture absorbs instantly into your skin leaving behind no after-feel. Suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive skin and babies’ skin, this cream is a cold weather essential for the whole fam. What makes the Ultra Repair Cream so amazing? The formula – made with soothing colloidal oatmeal, emollient-rich shea butter, calming allantoin and skin-protecting antioxidant boosters like Licorice Root, Feverfew and White Tea extracts. Gentle, effective, and so soothing - this cream will be your BFF all winter long.

Bonus Item | Tarte Cosmetics Arch Architect Brow Pencil or Seraphine Botanicals Liquid Coal Waterproof Liquid Liner

November is the month of gratitude, and to show you just how thankful I am for each and every member of my Bless Fam I’m sending you each a special gift - a past box item from either the June or the July Bless Box! This month each of you will receive either the Tarte Cosmetics Arch Architect Brow Pencil Gel from the July Just Peachy Bless Box or the Seraphine Botanicals Liquid Coal Waterproof Liquid Liner from the June Summer Lovin’ Bless Box. These were two of my favorite items from Bless Box this summer! Which bonus goodie did you snag?

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