June 2018

Summer Lovin'

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Where are you headed this summer? What projects are you planning? One thing that I love so much about Bless is the amazing community of women that we’re building. From the stories you send me to having the opportunity to share my dear friend’s hard work (check out our interview with my hairstylist Lee on his haircare line, Totalee) I am so blessed to have the opportunity to grow and thrive with you!

For June, I’ve picked out my new favorites in beauty, skincare, haircare, and fashion to help you embrace the best of summer. Y’all, let’s make this the best summer yet! I can’t wait to get started.

  • Full Line of Hair Care from Sazan's Personal Stylist
  • Fun Summer Makeup
  • A Stylish Statement
  • Gentle & Refreshing Skincare


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Something Totally Amazing

Totalee, Totalee Travel Collection

totaleehair.com  |  Retail Value: $39.99

This month I’m sending you babes the perfect getaway-sized set of hair care products from Totalee. Lee has been my stylist for AGES and I’m so proud of him for coming out with his own line of haircare! Y’all know that I am VERY picky with the hair products I use -- I was one of the first to try out this line and I’m absolutely obsessed! I’m so excited for you to try this! Each set includes a travel size WASH Shampoo, RINS Conditioner, WORK Cream Elixir, GLOW Shine Mist and MIST Volumizing Leave-In, all in a super sleek black zippered pouch.


WASH, Shampoo

WASH is a naturally-derived, color-safe sham- poo formulated with essential botanicals, pep- tides and proteins. This innovative hair cleanser removes heavy dirt and product buildup, leav- ing you with gorgeous, shiny tresses that are full of bounce and body. WASH is formulated with probiotics, hydrolyzed proteins from quinoa, rice, kale, keratin and peas and botanicals including white and green tea, fennel, rosemary and lemongrass.

Saz Tip: To use WASH, simply apply to damp hair (focusing on the scalp), work into a lather, and rinse.

A clinical study showed that hair strands treated with the TOTALEE regimen improved wet compatibility by 72% when compared to control samples treated with a non-conditioning shampoo. What that means in plain English is that hair treated with TOTALEE was stronger, healthier and more moisturized!


RINS, Conditioner

RINS is a luxuriously hydrating conditioner that helps repair stressed hair, reducing the appearance of damage from both environmen- tal exposure and over-processing. I use RINS to maintain gorgeous, touchable, truly healthy locks! Formulated with probiotics, proteins, natural botanicals and naturally-derived oils in- cluding olive, red palm fruit, and coconut, RINS works by infusing the hair shaft with proteins and peptides to smooth the appearance of split ends, leaving hair sleek and detangled.

Saz Tip: After cleansing your hair and scalp with WASH, massage RINS into the ends of your hair, working your way up to your scalp. Let RINS sit for 30-60 seconds to work its magic, then rinse thoroughly. For thin or fine hair, never apply conditioner directly to the scalp or roots. Instead, concentrate product on the ends of your strands where your hair is the driest. For thick hair (or super thick hair like mine!) work the product up to your roots before rinsing!

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