Winter Bonus Box 2018

Snow Day Winter Bonus Box

Valued at $318.31

  • Winter Skin + Body Care
  • Cold Weather Glam Finds
  • Self-Care Favorites
A'del Natural Cosmetics, Lipstick in Barely There

A girl can never have too many nude lipsticks! The A’del Natural Cosmetics Lipstick in Barely There is my new fave nude peach shade. Flattering on any complexion, this shade adds a gorgeous pop of color with a creamy finish. I love A’del Natural Cosmetics products because they feature certified organic ingredients (like certified organic castor oil, jojoba oil, beeswax and shea butter) and they’re totally free from gluten, preservatives, toxic ingredients, dyes and petrol products! Plus, they’re only tested on humans, never animals, so you can feel good about your glam. I have a feeling Barely There by A’del Natural Cosmetics might just be your new go-to nude lippy!

Antik Kraft, Card Holder in Muave or Mustard

If you’re anything like me, your old pocketbook took a major beating this holiday season after all those sales! Give your old wallet a break and switch over to this super stylish compact card holder from Antik Kraft! Each of you babes will receive one of these gorgeous 100% cruelty-free luxury vegan leather wallets in either the shade Mauve (a gorgeous muted fawn color) or Mustard (a cheerful cognac-leather shade). These card holders feature slots for 8 cards, plus a transparent pocket to hold your ID. They also have a little coin purse for change and bills! These wallets are soooo handy and compact, and fit in any tote bag or purse! Wanna scoop up another one? These wallets will be available at Nordstrom starting December 1st - but you lucky Bless babes got the first peak!

Bless, Exclusive Winter Beanie

This Winter Bonus Box I wanted to send you all something extra special. After all, it's the Holidays and I’m celebrating two whole years of Bless with you all! For this box, I designed a custom knit beanie in a gorgeous raspberry color! This beanie features an extra wide cuff to keep your ears toasty warm and a little “Bless” tag on the bottom so everyone will know where you got your killer winter style! Even if you’re spending the holidays somewhere warm and sunny, make believe you’re takin’ a snow day and top off your outfit with this custom Bless Winter Beanie!

Dr. Axe, Single Serving Collagen Stick Packs

Did you know that collagen is one of the reasons our bodies don’t literally fall apart? That’s right! Collagen literally holds us together, and keeps our bodies running in tip top shape. Collagen is a protein made up of building blocks called amino acids - it’s so important it actually makes up 30% of all proteins in our bodies! Boosting collagen intake is sooo important for healthy skin, nails and hair, healthy joints and a healthy digestive system! While many collagens on the market feature only one source of collagen, Dr. Axe Multi Collagen Protein features five collagen types from four different sources! Dr. Axe Multi Collagen Protein includes hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides, chicken bone broth collagen concentrate, hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides and eggshell membrane collagen.

Kérastase Ciment Thermique Blow Dry Primer

As much as I love my natural crazy curls, I’m also a certified blow-dry and hot tool addict. Luckily, with the right tools, a girl can get away with anything! This month, I’m so excited to bring you the secret to strong, healthy hair - no matter how many blowouts you put your locks through! The Kérastase Ciment Thermique Blow Dry Primer is a strengthening leave-in treatment for weak, over-processed and damaged hair. You’ll find a full size of this miracle conditioning leave-in treatment in your Holiday Bonus Box! That’s why I love my special Bonus Boxes - its a chance to really spoil my best babes with the most luxe, high-value products of the season! If you routinely blowdry your hair, or you want to protect your tresses from damage, the Ciment Thermique Blow Dry Primer is a must-have.

Pistache Skincare, Whipped Pistachio Body Butter

I can’t get enough of the Pistaché Skincare Whipped Pistachio Body Butter, a.k.a. “The Boyfriend Body Butter!” This Winter Bonus Box, I wanted to bring you something to nourish you from head to toe. Envelop your skin in the decadence of Pistaché Skincare’s rich, whipped body butter. This cream melts instantly into your skin, enrobing you in the irresistible scent of nutty, lightly sweet pistachio biscotti. What makes this body butter so amazing? The key ingredients - Pistachio Oil and Blue-Green Algae - are rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish skin, increase glow and boost vitality. Pistachio Oil is chock full of vitamin E, fatty acids and lutein, which contains essential anti-aging antioxidant protection. The body butter’s calming light green coloring actually comes from the antioxidant-rich Blue-Green Algae!

Ollie Belle, Cover Dot Acne Care

If you haven’t heard of Acne Dots, you’re about to have serious FOMO! Acne Dots are circles of medical-grade hydrocolloid patches designed to absorb impurities from blemishes. Think of it as a teeny tiny vacuum and a bandaid all wrapped into one! Look - everyone gets blemishes. It’s not glamorous, but it’s true. These Cover Dot Acne Care patches from Ollie Belle are seriously an overnight cure to zap a pimple in its tracks and get you in the fastlane to smooth, healthy, beautiful skin. How does it work? Cover Dot acts as a second skin, creating the perfect environment for blemishes to heal and regenerate. Cover Dot reduces blemish size and redness, protecting the blemish from external contamination and irritation while providing a moist healing environment. With tapered edges, the thin and waterproof dot stays in place and acts as a protective layer of skin. It’s ideal for overnight application, and nearly invisible for daytime use!

Flint, Lint Roller

Nothing ruins a good outfit like lint or pet hair! Keep your #OOTD on point with the patented, award-winning Flint Arctic Lint Roller! Flint is a cleverly-designed retractable, reusable and refillable extra sticky lint roller that’s made to take on the go. The Flint Arctic collection is inspired by the natural beauty of marble. Each Flint Roller comes with 30 sheets of easy-to-tear sheets to keep you and your clothes dust, lint and pet hair free! If you’re a pet parent like me (shoutout to my girl Sweetie!) or if you suffer from allergies, Flint Lint Rollers will be a lifesaver! Flint instantly snatches up pet hair, lint and allergens like dander and pollen that hide in our clothes, furniture, beds and drapes for an unbeatable clean, fresh feeling. Each of you babes will receive a Flint Roller in a surprise color, either Sunrise (a gorgeous burst of sunrise shades) Granite (chic black and white marble) or Wind (pretty marbled neutral tones) - what shade did you get?

Lonvitalite, 24k Gold & Collagen Eye Mask

The perfect compliment to Maybelline Lash Sensational Boosting Eyelash Serum? The Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Mascara in Blackest Black, of course. This mascara is a fan favorite, bringing you big, bold, dramatic lashes, without clumping or smudging. The revolutionary curved brush captures and curls lashes from root to tip, making lashes look longer for a flirty, fanned-out effect. The fresh liquid formula is perfect for layering, for a full, fluffy lash look for day or night. I never leave home without a few coats of Lash Sensational mascara!

La Tweez, Black Illuminating Tweezers with Diamon Dust Tips

What’s more annoying than straining to get that one tiny little stray eyebrow hair and juuuuuust missing it every time? Ugh! Well say goodbye to eyebrow tweezing blues with these amazing Illuminating Tweezers from La Tweez! These babies feature exclusive Diamond Dust tip technology to create an extreme grip surface that captures even the most elusive eyebrow hairs on your first pass. These state of the art tweezers are crafted from high-quality stainless steel with beautiful cut out designs on the arms. The best part? These tweezers light up! Simply press the genuine Swarovski crystal button to turn on the ultra bright LED light to perfectly illuminate your brows (including those hard-to-get hairs!).

Hanalei, Lip Treatment in Pink Mauve

Chapped, cracked winter lips begone! The best-selling lip treatment from Hanalei is now available in a gorgeous Mauve Pink shade, and I’m sending a deluxe sample of this kissable lip treatment to each of you babes! This healing lip treatment is made with pure kukui nut oil, which moisturizes and rejuvenates dry lips, and shea butter which heals and hydrates stressed skin. This formula also features agave and grape seed oil for a big dose of antioxidants which helps protect lips from harmful free radicals. I love this lip treatment because it moisturizes and soothes my lips without leaving behind any stickiness or residue. The gorgeous Pink Mauve shade gives you lips the gentlest kiss of healthy color, so you feel dressed up even if you’re just running errands or sittin’ at your desk.

Amazing Cosmetics, Illuminate Primer + Highlight in Rose

Are you a glow getter? Get a gorgeous, lit-from-within glow with the multitasking Illuminate Primer + Highlight from Amazing Cosmetics! This lightweight water-based illuminating primer is infused with Daisy Extract to help fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation and instantly giving you a brightening glow that lasts long after you wash off your makeup. You can wear this illuminating primer alone for a sheer, healthy glow or use it as a base to extend the wear of your foundation, or even as a highlighter on your cheekbones and brow bone for extra definition and glow! Rose is a universally flattering shade that boosts a healthy, warm glow to any complexion.

NKD SKN, Gradual Glow Daily Tan Moisturizer Exclusive Deluxe Sample

It might be the middle of winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a gorgeous sunkissed glow! Get a super natural-looking, gradual glow with an exclusive deluxe sample of NKD SKN’s Gradual Glow Daily Tan Moisturizer! This daily moisturizer features a hint of tan that will give you stunning, soft and beautifully smooth sunkissed NKD SKN! A subtle glow develops over 4-8 hours and can be deepend to your desired shade daily! This moisturizer is made with skin-loving, hydrating organic extracts and its suitable for all skin tones. NKD SKN Gradual Glow Daily Tan Moisturizer applies clear with zero smell and zero transfer onto clothes, plus its free from perfumes, parabens and alcohol. I wear NKD SKN on my legs, arms and shoulders to give me a little boost of color all year round!

Soapiary, Bamboo Hydrate Soap

A good bar of soap is such a simple luxury, but it’s something I soooo appreciate having! This Bamboo Hydrate Soap from Soapiary combines bamboo extract with fig extract to intensely re-hydrate and soothe dry skin while combating wrinkles and dark spots! This deliciously rich bar is formulated with skin-loving ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, aloe and vitamins A, C and E to give you an unbelievable glow from head to toe. Each bar is made in the USA and triple-milled for a great lather and long lasting fragrance. Oh, and every bar of Soapiary soap is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates and gluten and never tested on animals!

Corazonas, Heartbar Oatmeal Square - Cranberry Flax

A deliciously tart, hearty snack from start to finish, the Heartbar Oatmeal Square from Corazonas is my favorite snack of the season! The Cranberry Flax flavor is a surprisingly tangy - but never bitter! - snack with filling whole grain rolled oats, good-for-your-heart flax and delicious seasonal cranberries. With 3 grams each of protein and fiber, this Corazonas Heartbar is a smart and satisfying snack any time of day. Plus, each Heartbar is non-GMO, low sodium and heart healthy so you can feel good about what you’re snackin’ on! These bars also make for a perfect breakfast on the go, so be sure to keep a stack on hand for those busy mornings!

Neat Skincare Co. NY, Selfie Magic Facial Oil & Makeup Primer - Jojoba, Lemongrass + Pomegranate or Argan + Sweet Orange

Y’all, I’m so obsazzed with these Selfie Magic Facial Oil / Makeup Primers from Neat Skincare Co. NY that I couldn’t pick just one! In your Winter Bonus Box, you’ll find either the Selfie Magic Facial Oil & Makeup Primer in Jojoba + Pomegranate + Lemongrass + Vitamin E or the Selfie Magic Facial Oil & Makeup Primer in Argan + Sweet Orange + Vitamin E. Both formulas are nourishing and moisturizing, and create the perfect smooth canvas for your foundation and other makeup. The Jojoba+Pomegranate+Lemongrass+Vitamin E formula is amazing for modulating sebum production (meaning it’s a great pick for oily or acne-prone skin). Jojoba regulates oily skin and lemongrass is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, and even helps minimize pores! The Organic Argan+Sweet Orange+Vitamin E formula is amazing for reducing redness and inflammation, delivering soothing moisture, reducing wrinkles and blocking damaging free radicals!

Be Sticky, Socks

Stick to being you! I wanted to send y’all something to keep you motivated in your workouts once those New Year’s resolutions kick in! Sticking to a fitness plan is sooo important for both your mind and your body, and these non-slip Grip Socks by Be Sticky Socks will keep you motivated during your daily workouts with inspirational mantras. Be Sticky is a woman-owned business, and they’ve been featured in Vogue, Shape, Well & Good and US Weekly! Made of natural fine cotton yarn for ultimate sweat absorption and breathability with a padded foot bed for extra cushion and comfort and featuring elastic arch support for compression and functionality, these socks are one-size-fits-all. The non-slip grippy sole makes these socks perfect for practicing yoga or pilates at home - or keeping you from slipping while you’re dancing around your kitchen!

Soon Skincare, Hydrating Watermelon Lip Mask

Pucker up! This hydrating, skin-softening and glow-boosting watermelon-infused Lip Mask by Soon Skincare is the cure for sun-parched or wind-whipped skin. It’s the perfect lip treatment to diminish fine smile lines, moisturize and plump up your lips, and gently exfoliate your skin for smoother lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss application! The best part? This lip mask tastes just like a slice of juicy, summer watermelon! Watermelon is a natural free-radical fighter, and it’s packed with vitamins A & C to help strengthen the natural collagen and elastin in the fragile skin around your lips. Skin softening Aloe Vera and gentle exfoliant glycol give you a smoother, softer, more kissable pout in just a few minutes!

XenClip, Large XenClip in Hematite

Wanna throw together an easy holiday updo in record time? Get a hand from XenClip, the revolutionary hair clip that lifts and holds hair in place securely and comfortably without the need for readjustment and definitely without damaging or denting your hair. No matter if you have fine hair (or super thick hair like mine!) XenClip will give you a gorgeous updo or a half-up-half-down style perfect for any holiday party. For my Holiday Bonus Box I’m sending you each a large XenClip the color Genuine Hematite - their most popular size and color. Plated with genuine Hematite, this clip is a gorgeous dark metallic charcoal shade with a smooth finish.

Nion Beauty, Opus 2Go Brushes

I was so obsazzed with these disposable silicone facial brushes from Opus (featured in November’s Bless Box!) that I just had to bring them back again for the Winter Bonus Box! These babies are your new holiday travel essential! The Opus 2Go features Opus’s signature S-Ion technology silicone which boosts radiance by using negative ions to cleanse, counteract environmental toxins, and promote skin health. Opus 2Go’s Kinetic Skin Cleansing System uses gentle vibrations instead of abrasive fiction to remove dirt and impurities and to clear pores, leaving your skin’s natural protective oils intact.

Green Goo, Skin Repair Travel Tin

Nourish and replenish your skin with a hearty dose of Green Goo Skin Repair cream! Feeling parched? Skin Repair is literally food for your face. This nutrient-rich blend of aloe vera and Vitamin E Oil hydrates and pampers your skin while boosting circulation for a healthy glow. Made with organic aloe, organic sunflower seed oil, organic beeswax, organic olive fruit oil and organic rosehip oil, this cream is an amazing daily moisturizer, and also works to de-puff, brighten and smooth the delicate skin around your eyes. Because the Skin Repair formula is so healing, it also makes a great balm for after sun care and even soothes minor burns!

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