October 2017

Shades of Fall

Valued at $146.92

Peek inside the October Bless Box

I’m so excited to reveal the October Bless Box!

I can never get over how beautiful Fall is — as much as I’ll miss the summer sun, I can’t help but get excited about the changing leaves, chilly air, and cozy sweater weather. There’s so much going on before the holiday season kicks into gear. October is that special time before all the craziness starts where we can pause, take a second, and enjoy all of the amazing shades of color and the blessings that Fall brings.


Inside the October Bless Box members found:
  • Over 20 items (our biggest box ever!)
  • Healthy snacks & super foods
  • Luxurious hair care
  • Skin-soothing face masks
  • Super cute eye cover (a travel essential!)
Maybelline, Volume Express Mascara

This collagen-infused formula creates instant volume, from root to tip. Plus, their big, wavy bristles make sure to cradle your lashes and help to lift and create beautiful, large curved lashes.

Mai Couture, Blush Papier

These blush papers add a beautiful understated hint of color to your cheeks. I love that they’re so useful and give you that extra boost of color throughout the day! Since these are little sheets, they’re never going to shatter or break, unlike powdered or pressed blush.

Mai Couture, Highlight Papier

These blotting papers add that perfect amount of healthy glow, while removing excess oil -- giving you the right kind of beautiful shine. Plus, these little papers are amazing on the go, anytime you need a touch up, they’re right there!

Maybelline, SuperStay Lipstick Matte Ink

This formula is matte, but super saturated too, so you don’t have to worry about the color changing or drying out into something totally different, once it’s applied.

Primal Kitchen, Coconut Cashew Bars

Primal Kitchen is one of my favorite healthy snack companies. Their bars are super filling and perfect for those mid-afternoon cravings! The coconut and cashew make a perfect balance between nutty and sweet.

Bless, Harvest Card Set

I love getting and receiving cards, but I couldn’t wait until Thanksgiving this year to get started. I love fall leaves, and these are the perfect cards to express the beauty of the season.

Essie, Treat, Love, and Color Nail Care

I’m obsessed with this nail polish because it helps repair and heal your nails, while making them look fresh and beautiful. What color did you get?

My Tagalongs, Lash Eyemask

How can you get everything you need done, when you’re yawning all day? These cushy eyemasks are super soft, comfortable, and are perfect for helping you catch a few extra zzz’s when you need it.

Garnier SkinActive, Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask

It’s really important to stay moisturized all year long, and these antioxidant-rich, water-based masks are a quick and easy way to make sure that you’re delivering the most moisture as possible to your skin. Garnier has a full range of amazingly nourishing masks, and I’m absolutely hooked -- I’ve included one of these in your box, let me know what you think!

Hum Nutrition, Raw Beauty: Green Superfood Power

I especially love this Hum nutrition powder because it contains over 30 beauty detox superfoods to help support your energy, improve metabolism, and boost radiant skin.

Bless, Fam and Partners Coupon

Every piece of Fame & Partners clothing is ethically sourced and made to order, just for you, so it generates less waste and impact on the environment. What I love even more is that a percentage of each purchase goes back to help empower women! My gift to you is an extra $25 off of your purchase. This is the perfect place to get a stunning, one-of-a kind holiday dress.

Maybelline, City Mini Eyeshadow Palette

I use their products all the time. I love experimenting with different makeup looks, so I wanted to include a ton of new palettes for you to try! These City Mini Palettes come in so many fun, amazing colors -- I can’t wait for you to try it all!

Abba, Gentle Shampoo & Conditioner

Sometimes, shampoo can strip or stress out your scalp, but this herbal therapy formula is incredibly soothing, while cleansing and improving hair softness and shine. Also, Abba’s products are 100% vegan and always cruelty free!

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