Our Top K-Beauty Staples for the SkinCare Lover

Are you as obsessed with K-Beauty as we are? K-Beauty is one of the hottest skincare trends to cross over from Asia, and for a good reason. With a focus on healthy, hydrated, and glowing skin, the right routine can totally transform your complexion.

Korean Beauty skincare routines range from a simple 5 – 7 steps, to more complex 10 – 15 step rituals. Don’t be intimidated! K-Beauty can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be! From creams to masks to patches and moisturizers, we break down just a few of our favorite K-Beauty staples for you to try (and love).

#GlassSkin here we come!

KocoStar: Rose Flower Mask Sheet

This isn’t your regular sheet mask. Apply each petal directly where you need it most! Simply peel and place, just like a sticker! Infused with Western Rose Flower Extract, this mask helps to soothe pores as well as encourage hydration.

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AHC: Eye Cream For Face

AHC is a tried and true K-Beauty favorite. This Eye Cream For Face is a cult-favorite for a good reason (about one tube of this baby is sold every 3 seconds in South Korea). AHC’s Eye Cream for Face takes the ultra-hydrating, brightening, and nourishing technology of eye cream and spreads the love to full facial care. This soothing formula contains a proprietary blend of vitamins and peptides designed to absorb quickly into your skin. This cream’s rich texture not only feels luxurious, but leaves you feeling radiant, refreshed, and soothed.

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MidFlower: Rosa Damascena BioCellulose Peel Mask

What’s a K-Beauty routine without a great sheet mask? Sometimes simple is the best solution. This BioCellulose mask is infused with 15ml of Rosa Damascena Water to deliver ultimate hydration and nourishment. Why BioCellulose? The gel-like BioCelluslose mask is made of fibers 500 times thinner than skin tissue! This special material hugs your skin to help ensure you get all the benefits of the 300+ nutrients found in this rose essence.

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Caolion Cosmetics: Pore Tightening Day & Night Glowing Duo

We’re serious – your pores will thank you for this one. This simple duo is a built-in skincare routine designed to provide you with day and night moisture balance. Pore Tightening Bounce Cream is light and bouncy, leaving your skin bright, happy, and moisturized. The Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask works overnight as the perfect compliment. Caolion’s shape memory formula tightens pore and enhances skin elasticity overnight.

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Oh K! Skincare: Purifying Pink Clay Sheet Mask

Forget the mess of a clay mask! Made with pink clay and rosehip oil, this sheet mask perfectly detoxes stressed and tired skin. Betonite, Illite, and Kaolin clay work together to gently purify your skin and reduce the appearance of pores. Rosehip Oil helps to unclog pores, improve even skin tone, and maintain moisture to preserve skin balance.

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DERMALA: Patch Me If You Can

Meet your new best friend. These easy to use clear patches are made from a hydrocolloid that absorbs oil and pus from your problem areas. It also lowers pH in the important areas below your blemishes! This inhibits bacterial growth and helps prevent scarring.

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Soo’Ae new York: Hydration Sensor Alert Mask

There’s a sheet mask for everything! This is one of our favorite hydrating masks. Using a unique print, the stars on this mask change color based on the moisture and temperature levels of your skin. Isn’t that crazy? You have to see it to believe it.

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Vichy: Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturizer

Although Vichy isn’t (technically) a K-Beauty brand, no Korean Beauty routine would be complete without hyaluronic acid. This lightweight and fast-absorbing moisturizer combine mineral water with hyaluronic acid for complete hydration and protection. Use alone as a moisturizer or as part of your 5-step ritual.

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What are your K-Beauty secrets? Let us know how you’re building your perfect K-Beauty routine!

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