How To Turn Your Shower Into An Oasis

Summer is the seasons of two showers a day, a shower after the beach and loooong baths after weekend camping trips. We spend so many cumulative hours in the bathroom, in front of the mirror or scrubbing hair mask out of our scalps. So why not make your bathroom time a little more enjoyable?

Think Green.

Invest in some tropical, steam-loving plants like orchids, ferns and palms. Set one on your counter, hang one from the ceiling, or even place some babies in your shower caddy or on your shower shelves. You’ll both love it!

Buy a Pretty Shower Curtain.

Sure, a plastic shower curtain liner from the dollar store does the job, but getting a pretty fabric curtain ups the sophistication and makes your bathroom feel like a grownup space.

Upgrade your Bath Mat.

Consider a sleek wood bath mat like this one to replace your ratty cloth one. Bamboo or teak wood bath mats stay clean longer and look super fresh!

Upgrade your towels.

While you’re at it, replace your worn down towels with a new set of matching towels, and keep one set free for guests.

Get Organized.

Most bathrooms are a graveyard of half-used shampoo bottles and tubs of expired hair products. Clean out the products you haven’t used in the last year, and organize the ones you do have. This will help you save time, too!

Set the Mood.

Candles are a bathroom staple for a reason! If traditional flame candles aren’t your jam, try a scent diffuser or hang some branches of fresh eucalyptus from your shower head.


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