How To Travel With Your BFF (Without Murdering Them!)

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My mom always told me the first real test of any relationship is the first time traveling with them. Whether its a weekend away, a road trip cross country or a vacay abroad, traveling is an amazing experience to share with a friend. But traveling also offers plenty of opportunities for y’all to get on each other’s nerves! So how do you keep the memories and lose the drama? Here are a few tips!

Take Alone Time

No matter how close you are, spending 24 hours a day with someone (anyone) isn’t easy. Even your closest friend can wear on you after a couple weeks of non-stop together time, and chances are you are probably starting to wear on them too. The solution? Make sure you take some time for yourself every day. Take a walk, sit in a coffee shop by yourself, or just take 15 minutes to check your email. Alone time will keep you sane, make you a better travel buddy, and will make you appreciate your time with your companion even more!

Be Honest From The Jump

You’re both probably thinking it, so just say it. Ask your friend, “So, what are we gonna do when we start to get sick of each other?” Just acknowledging the subject will break the ice, and having a conversation will prepare both of you. Plus, they might have thought of some solutions you’ve never considered!

Deal With Frustrations In The Moment

In fact, this is a good relationship goal for when you’re not traveling, too. The worst thing you can do when an issue arises is letting it fester. When your travel companion’s bad attitude (or their drinking habits, or whatever the issue may be) starts to wear on you, say something! Biting your tongue will just make you more likely to blow up later and say something you don’t mean. Before a small issue ruins your both trips, get it all out in the open!

See Other People

If you’re staying in a touristy hotel, hostel or guest house, it’s almost impossible not to make friends. Who knows! You might even meet some friendly locals. Grab a couple new friends and head to dinner, or out on a day trip. Making new travel friends is a great way to enrich your experience, and as an added bonus it also takes the pressure off each of you to constantly entertain and stay glued to each other.

Take A Solo Day Trip

Chances are, especially if you’re traveling with a buddy for a month or longer, there will be activities and adventures that interest you and bore your friend. Rather than make everything a compromise, simply take a break from your friend and go on a day trip by yourself! You get to do what you want, you’ll give each other some space, and you can compare stories over dinner. Win-win-win.

Lean On Each Other, But Not Too Much

You probably picked your travel companion 75% because you’re BFFs and you get along great, and 25% because you know they’re really good at navigation or problem solving or calculating the conversion from dollars to euros in their head, or some other really handy travel skill. Definitely lean on your buddy (that’s what friends are for!) but make sure you’re pulling your weight too, so your friend doesn’t feel taken advantage of. When in doubt, delegate! For example, put your friend in charge of organizing the tickets to Tulum, and you take over renting the car and securing snacks for the road. Easy!

How do you ensure smooth sailing when traveling with your partner or your BFF? Let me know in the comments below!

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