How To Practice Gratitude Every Day Of The Year

Thanksgiving might be the season of gratitude, but you can boost the grateful vibes all year round! In addition to feeling good, increasing your feelings of gratitude can actually boost your happiness in relationships, improve your quality of sleep, support your immune system and protect against stress and depression! Read on for Bless Box’s guide to creating an attitude of gratitude year round!

Say Thank You

So simple! The easiest way to feel more thankful is to express your thanks to those around you. No need to wait for someone to do a huge favor for you – sometimes, just the mere fact that your boo or your BFF is in your life can warrant a heartfelt “thank you.” A great way to work more “thank you’s” into your life? The next time someone does something for you (like finishes a task, runs an errand or waits while you’re running late), instead of apologizing for inconveniencing them, say thank you. You’ll be surprised how reframing these little moments from a “sorry” to a “thank you” makes a huge difference.

Be Present

While many of us are expert multitaskers, it can be hard to feel gratitude and pay attention to all your blessings when your attention is divided. Next time you’re hanging out with someone or attending an event, make an effort to be fully present. Concentrate on how much you appreciate the gorgeous weather or your friend’s sweet smile or a delicious meal, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it all that much more!

Write A Thank You Letter

Since I was a little girl, my mom had me write thank you notes any time I received a gift, or someone helped me out in a big way. I still keep up this habit today, and any time I get a gift or a friend helps me with a big project, I send them a little card to let them know it’s appreciated. Writing a thank you note or better yet, a letter of gratitude to let someone know much they’ve impacted your life is a fabulous way to meditate on your blessings.

Avoid Complaining For A Whole Day

I’m the first to admit, I can be a bit pessimistic. (In fact, my nickname in high school was Wednesday Addams). As easy as it is for us to judge and criticize others (and ourselves!) when we focus on the negative we’re unable to experience gratitude for the things in our life that deserve to be celebrated. While deciding not to complain or judge isn’t as easy as turning off a light switch, taking control of your thoughts is the first step to judgement-free zone. Once you’ve gotten a full day of zero complaints under your belt, try to make it two. Then three. Then five. (You get the picture!)

Start A Gratitude Journal

Journaling is a great way to get in touch with your thoughts, process your day and reflect on your blessings. In your gratitude journal, write out at least three things each day that you’re grateful for. These things could be big (like getting married or getting a big promotion at work) or small (like grabbing coffee with your friend or finding time for a workout before school). For an extra challenge, focus on an area of your life where you’re struggling! This could be a difficult co-worker or a friend you’re on the outs with! Stop and think of one thing you appreciate about them. For a boost of self-love, include one thing you genuinely appreciate about yourself!

Radiating an attitude of gratitude will help you feel kinder, happier and more loved. And chances are, the people around you will start to feel that love too. So what are you waiting for?

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