How To Beat The 3 O’Clock Slump

Need a mid-day boost to power through your afternoon? Here’s the Bless Guide to beating that 3 o’clock slump without pounding an extra cappuccino!

Write A To-Do List

Hand writing a to-do list is a fabulous way to give your eyes a break from the computer screen while taking a second to prioritize your task list and make the most of your afternoon. Take a moment to jot down everything you’d like to accomplish during your day, week, or month. Use some pencils with sweet motivational reminders, like the Sweet Water Decor Motivational Pencil Set from our Holiday 2017 Bonus Box. (Bonus points – write a bucket list of everything you want to do before your next big birthday!)

Clean Your Desk

Whether your desk looks like a tornado just hit or you just have a few loose papers here and there, taking five minutes to organize and straighten up can have a huge impact on your concentration. Take a few minutes to wipe down your desk, dust your screen or clear away clutter. You might be surprised what a difference just five minutes of cleaning can do!

Look At Some Puppies

Seriously! Researchers at Hiroshima University concluded that looking at cute pictures of baby animals actually improves productivity. People completed tasks faster and more precisely after being shown pictures of adorable animals. So you can tell your boss we said it’s cool if you take a break to look at some puppies!

Read A Book

Take a break to read a book or do a crossword or sudoku puzzle. Your brain deserves a break from pouring over those spreadsheets, so immerse yourself in another world or lose yourself in a game!

Eat A High-Protein Snack

Instead of reaching for that box of doughnuts in the break room, pick up a high-protein snack like the Primal Kitchen Chocolate Hazelnut Collagen Protein Bar (featured in our December 2017 Bless Box!). It’ll keep you full longer, and quiet that rumbling tummy so you can focus on the rest of your day. Want some more ideas for healthy snacks to keep at your desk? Look no further!

Drink Some Water

Jonesing for a latte? You might not even need caffeine, you might just be dehydrated! Get up from your desk and take a stroll to the water cooler, and get hydrated! If you want to dress up your water, add a healthy stir-in drink mix like True Citrus Raspberry Lemonade or HUM Nutrition Raw Beauty Superfood Tahitian Vanilla & Berry, both featured in the February 2018 Bless Box.

Go For A Walk

Take a brisk walk around the block! Even a two-minute walk will reset your mood and boost your energy. If the weather is nasty or you can’t leave your desk, just take a moment to adjust your posture or do some gentle stretches. Slumping in your chair can cause headaches (and backaches!) and affect your mood. Sitting up straight will help you feel more alert, aligned and positive.

Apply Some Essential Oils

Aromatherapy does wonders for improving your mood! Light a candle (like the DW Home Vanilla Bean Candle from our very first Bless Box!) or dab some peppermint or rosemary essential oils on your wrists and temples for a quick mood re-set. I love the Signature Essential Oil Rollers from ArtNaturals (featured in the September 2017 Bless Box).

Run A Quick Errand

After a long day, the last thing I want to do is stop at the grocery store or pick up a prescription. If you’re able to, slip out for a bit and get one or more of those errands out of the way. It’ll give you a chance to spend some time outside while you check off items on your to-do list. Even better? Schedule an appointment for 3pm so you have an excuse to get out of the office. Head to the dentist (or the nail salon – I won’t tell!) and break out of your usual routine.

Call Your BFF

Feeling lonely or stressed? Call your boo or your BFF and reconnect. Even if you’re having a fab day (excited about a new project or just got a promotion?) call your person to check in, chat about their day, and celebrate your win. Hearing their voice will help you feel more supported and motivated to finish your workday strong so you can go see them in person!

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