Face Mask Breakdown | The Bless Guide To Mud, Gel & Sheet Masks

With skincare in the spotlight, face masks are having a major moment! Whatever your skin woes (dryness, acne, fine lines, texture, or just plain ol’ boredom!) there’s a face mask for you. On top of giving your skin a major dose of TLC to recover from all that stress and pollution, a nice face mask also gives you a few moments of relaxing self-care time. What’s not to love? Read on as Bless Box breaks down the different types of face masks, and what each one is good for!

Gel Mask

Ideal for: Dry and Sensitive Skin
The 4-1-1: Because gel masks are cooling, soothing and hydrating they’re a perfect choice for dry, sensitive or stressed skin. Gel masks are often infused with collagen and antioxidants, so they’re perfect for intensive skin recovery.
Try: June Jacobs Mandarin Moisture Masque (Included in the August Summer Kisses Bless Box)

Cream Mask

Ideal for: Normal to Dry Skin
The 4-1-1: Cream masks are perfect for normal to dry skin types. Cream formulas are rich in oils and moisturizers that replenish dry skin for bouncy, firm skin.
Try: Natura Bisse Essential Shock Intense Mask

Clay Mask

Ideal for: Normal to Oily Skin
The 4-1-1: Restorative, moisturizing clay masks naturally detoxify skin as it hydrates without oils. Clay masks are great for firming, tightening and detoxing stressed, broken-out skin.
Try: L’Oreal Pure-Clay Detox & Brighten Face Mask (Included in the May Comme Des Fleurs Bless Box)

Exfoliating Mask

Ideal for: Most Skin Types! (Except very sensitive skin)
The 4-1-1: Exfoliating masks are formulated to slough off dull, dead skin cells and deep-clean pores using hydroxy acids (like glycolic and lactic acids) and fruit enzymes (like papaya and pineapple enzymes). Exfoliating masks are fab for brightening skin for a healthy, lit-from-within glow that you can notice almost immediately.
Tip: These masks are drying, so be sure to use exfoliating masks only once a week, and follow up with a soothing, moisturizing mask!
Try: Tula Skincare Exfoliating Treatment Mask

Sheet Mask

Ideal for: All Skin Types!
The 4-1-1: There is a sheet mask out there for every skin type and every skin concern! Seriously. Sheet masks are a cult Korean beauty import. They’re a thin sheet of face-shaped fabric, gel, or paper pre-soaked in a nutrition-packed serum. They are individually-packed, making them fast, convenient and super easy to use!
Tip: Once you’re done with your sheet mask, don’t rinse off! Simply pat your moisturizer into your skin, so you can soak up all the goodness the mask has to offer!
Try: Skinesque 3 Step Brightening+ Charcoal Mask (Featured in the August Summer Kisses Bless Box) or Garnier SkinActive Super Hydrating Sheet Mask (Featured in the April Spring Showers Bless Box)

Eye Mask

Ideal for: All Skin Types!
The 4-1-1: Eye masks are concentrated masks that focus on hydrating, firming and replenishing the delicate skin around your eyes! Whether you missed some sleep last night, want to cure some dark under-eye bags, or just need a boost, eye masks are a quick fix.
Try: Callyssee Perk Up Your Eyes Caffeine Dermis Mask (Featured in the April Spring Showers Bless Box).


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