The Bless Guide To Your Most Perfect Brows

Cara Delevingne. Brooke Shields. Emilia Clarke. Every so often, a truly spectacular set of brows comes along to make us ask ourselves, “why aren’t my brows like that?!” While no one’s brows are objectively perfect, there are some arches that come pretty dang close.

Here’s the thing: achieving your perfect brow shape, volume and color doesn’t happen overnight (or even if you put down the tweezers in the mid-aughts). The journey to your perfect brows requires patience, self-control, and time. Here’s the Bless Guide to getting the brows of your dreams!
photo of Sazan Hendrix with a full face of makeup and beautiful red lips

Remember They’re Sisters, Not Twins

Your brows were not made to be equal. Like everything on your body, there is some room for irregularity, asymmetry and imperfection – and those imperfections are gorgeous!

Trying to match every hair on your brows exactly is futile, and can result in over-tweezing. So before we get started, ditch the concept of “perfectly symmetrical” brows and instead start envisioning your perfectly unique set of arches!

Hide Your Tweezers

The thing about growing out your gorgeous, bushy, voluminous brows is that you have to actually let them grow out, which means strictly NO tweezing or trimming. Let your brows do their thing so you can see their natural shape, and so you’ll have more to work with!

Take your tweezers out of your makeup bag, and lock ‘em away. If they’re not within easy reach, you might feel less tempted to tweeze! The same thing goes for that magnifying mirror – don’t tempt yourself to tweeze or trim!

Commit To A Brow Treatment

A great way to nourish your brows and encourage growth is investing in a brow treatment and adding a simple brow treatment regimen into your routine. Stock up on spoolie brushes, apply your treatment of choice, and brush your brows gently in an upward motion.

There are dozens of brow treatment serums and oils on the market from brands like Blink and Grande Cosmetics, but you don’t have to break the bank if you don’t want to. Good old castor oil is natural and effective, or even a swipe of Rogaine on a clean cotton swab will do the trick! Just remember to stick with it, and you’ll start to see results.

Brush Up

I’m a huge fan of the feathery, bushy Brooke Shields brow because of how youthful and natural it looks. As you’re growing out your own brows, brush them upwards as much as possible, both when you’re applying your nightly brow treatment, when you’re grooming them, and before and after filling them in! Brushing up will create volume, which gives you the illusion of fuller brows, and also shows you which spots in your brows are still sparse, and where stray hairs are coming in!  I love using the Tarte Cosmetics Architect from July’s Bless Box to make my brows look full and even.


Less Is More

Super-defined, exaggerated arches have taken over Instagram and while it’s tempting to fill in or paint on a dramatic brow while you’re waiting for your natural arches to fill in, be wary of piling on too much product.

Every bit of makeup you put on will have to be taken off, and that means pulling and stress on your delicate eyebrow hairs! Instead, try Insta-approved Boy Brow from Glossier to give you soft definition and subtle volume.

photo of someone applying tarte eyebrow pencil to a woman's eyebrows

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