Bless Box’s Resolutions For Your Mind, Your Body & Everything Else

This year, we’re taking our regular New Years resolutions and multiplying them by five. Read on Bless Box’s resolutions for your mind, your body, your community, your heart and your hustle!

Bless My Mind
Resolution: I’ll Be Present

It is easy to get distracted. At any given time you are probably thinking about that 50 different things – that big project at work, your kid’s homework, what to cook for dinner, how your BFF is doing. Instead of pushing yourself to multitask, allow yourself time to be present. When you’re sitting with a friend or your boo, try and focus your attention on them or the task at hand. Acknowledge your racing thoughts for a few minutes and permit them to come and go. Focusing your time and energy during each interaction will help you feel more centered and less stressed, and will help the people in your life really feel your attention!

Bless My Body
Resolution: I’ll Be Active

If you can carve out the time a few times each week for a gym class, that’s fantastic. Yoga, running, a few sessions with a personal trainer, all great. But when life gets on top of us, it is soooo easy to let your exercise routine slide. What we tend to forget is it doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t really need a fancy gym membership or a trainer to get active. Go for a walk in your neighborhood. Go on a hike. Look up a barre routine on YouTube and follow along in your PJs! Just get moving, babe. 

Bless My Community
Resolution: I’ll Reach Out

It is easy to share a post on your Facebook timeline or double-tap a friend’s photo and feel like you’ve reached out. Tweet a hashtag and boom, you’ve done your good deed for the day. Well, of course its not really that simple. Real change happens when you get involved. Maybe one of your local shelters needs volunteers. Or maybe the elderly lady across the street would appreciate having someone to talk to. Maybe your BFF is having a rough week and could use some cheering up. Reach out and ask how you can help.  

Bless My Heart
Resolution: I’ll Appreciate

There is no better time than the present to appreciate the people in your life. It’s corny but it’s true. Family, girlfriends, co-workers – tell them “thank you” and how grateful you are to have them in your life.  The more you say “thank you,” the more you’ll realize just how blessed you really are! 

Bless My Hustle
Resolution: I’ll Speak Up

Did you know that women are less likely to speak out when outnumbered by men? Or that women routinely get less credit than men in the workplace? Or that women are less likely to speak up in public? It’s frustrating and infuriating in equal measure. This year, make it a practice to speak out, especially when it makes you uncomfortable. Growth happens at the edge of that discomfort. If you feel yourself being talked over, or you hear someone taking credit for your brilliant idea, speak up! Your voice matter, babe. Don’t ever forget that! 


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