Air Travel Must-Haves

Air travel can be so hectic! I know we’ve all done it – you find your cutest outfit to match your luggage, and the shoes to show off what you’ve been working out all month in preparation for vacation. There’s also the flawless makeup (lipstick, concealer, and all!) because you never know when you’ll run into a beautiful person from across the world, and those 3 hours of layover time is all you’ll have to live that destination dream of falling in love with the one who eventually gets away…

Anyway, the crazy, hectic, glamorous mess known as an airport may be exciting, but it really takes a toll on your energy, mentally and physically. Even though it’s tempting to go all out like you’re hitting the red carpet, it’s sooo worth it to be your coziest during travel. Once you reach your hotel, then break out the diamonds and silk!

The idea is to make this as easy-going as possible and to prevent that post-arrival makeup meltdown and visible exhaustion. I promise you, you’ll thank me later when you’re reminiscing about vacation posts on Instagram. 😉

Facial Cleansing Wipes

This is my very, very first, you’ve-absolutely-gotta-bring-it tip for any trip (short or long). To begin with, avoid wearing makeup while traveling – to the airport, AT the airport, all the way until you’ve settled in your hotel. The airport atmosphere is heavily air-conditioned, and this sucks any and all moisture from your skin. Once this happens, your skin starts producing more sebum to compensate for the dehydration, and you end up with oily skin! If you put two and two together, you get a makeup puddle on your face, extremely oily skin, and the start of a major breakout for the next few days. If you stay makeup-free and use a gentle facial cleansing wipe every so often, you can help prevent irritation on your skin. This, along with a light moisturizer, is perfect for keeping facial skin balanced and fresh.

Water, Lots of Water 

 You may not think of this initially, but it’s super helpful to stock up on water! The tiny cups that are complimentary in-flight are exactly that- tiny. When you’re on a 6 hour flight, 8 oz is not going to cut it. I know the $12 bottle is a bit daunting, but go for the largest container you can fit in your carry-on, or buy a couple of the standard 16 oz bottles. This is right on par with the previous tip- you and your skin become dehydrated quickly, and the best way to combat low energy and irritated skin is simply through drinking water.

Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion or Oil

I think I’ve explained enough here. 😉 Hands and arms can become itchy and tight due to dry air, and being able to slather on some lotion to remedy that is almost as amazing as the fresh air right off of a flight. Bonus: it’s helpful to add a bit to the ends of your hair. Just like skin, your hair needs some love too!

Cozy Clothing

It’s totally worth foregoing the glamour for yogi jet-setter. Think loose clothing, flat shoes (slip-ons are even better!), a nice cozy sweater for when it gets chilly (it’ll double as a pillow too), and socks! You’ll be more comfortable in the tiny space you have, and thus be able to relax more easily and get some rest! I also always bring a neck pillow… they may look silly, but when you’re stuck in a center seat, you’ll be so grateful to be able to nap sitting up. Lastly, earplugs and an eye mask, to really get your snooze on.


Every flight provides complimentary almonds, cookies, and small drinks, and if you’re flying for more than 8 hours, a meal is included. While we’re all grateful to have something to fill our time and our stomach, often these meals are so far between that you’re practically starving by time the next meal comes. It’s good to bring all sorts  of snacks, even if you don’t eat them all! Fresh fruits and veggies are great if you can find them – a lot of the time meals are pre-frozen and reheated, and contain lots of sodium. Having snacks on-hand will give you the energy you need, and help keep hunger stress low. Also, if you have any special dietary needs, this is almost required! Just be sure to also note these special dietary needs when booking your flight- you’ll even get your meal before everyone else.


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