7 Ways To Practice A Little Self Care This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. Don’t get me wrong, celebrating with your boo or with a group of girlfriends is pretty fantastic. But V-Day isn’t all about romantic love! This Valentines, make some time for self love and self care. Read on for Bless Box’s list of the best ways to feel restored, gorgeous and totally Zen this V-Day (and every day after that)!

1. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

It might seem obvious, but getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to take care of yourself! One of my favorite ways to get in the mood for some good shuteye? Turning my phone off, taking a hot bath, and spritzing a bit of & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray by REN SkinCare on my pillow! This soothing aromatherapy mist (featured in the March 2018 Bless Box) has become my go-to when I have problems nodding off in the evenings. It combines soothing frankincense, calming lavender and dreamy hops to help you relax and drift off to sleep. Just a couple spritzes will have you ready to hit the hay!

2. Get A Massage

What’s better than paying for an expensive massage at a spa? Giving yourself a world-class facial massage at home for free! Jade has been prized in traditional Chinese medicine or centuries for ability to restore and heal the skin. Using a jade roller (like the custom Bless jade roller from our Summer Bonus Box!) feels sooo cool and soothing on the skin. Even better, it helps promote lymphatic drainage for an unbelievable glow!

3. Nosh On Some Healthy Snacks

We all know how difficult it can be to find snacks that are healthy and taste good. That’s why I was over the moon to find Beanitos’ Original Black Bean Chips in my January 2018 Bless Box! Deliciously salty, crispy and crunchy, these chips don’t just taste good. They’re packed with protein and fiber, and they’re totally non-GMO and gluten and corn-free. Whether you eat ’em with some dip or on their own, you can feel good about snacking on these!

4. Stay In

In our busy lives, it can be hard to take some time for yourself, cancel plans and just stay in for the night. This V-Day, give yourself the gift of doing just that! Kick up your feet, turn you phone on Do Not Disturb, que up some cheesy rom-coms on Netflix and r-e-l-a-x! Sip on some rosé, or brew up a mug of tummy-soothing Organic Peppermint Bark Tea from the Republic of Tea (featured in December 2017’s Bless Box). This tea is one of my faves, with green rooibos, peppermint, cocoa, and just a hint of vanilla, this tea is caffeine-free so grab a cup and cozy up under a blanket to relax!

5. Take A Long, Hot Bath With All The Fixin’s

The ultimate self-care time? A looooong hot bath with zero distractions! I’m so obsazzed with the Eucalyptus and Peppermint Hydrating Seaweed Bath from the Seaweed Bath Co. After getting this soak in my Summer Bonus Box, it swiftly became one of my favorite bath soaks ever! It contains vitamin E and essential fatty acid-rich argan oil to replenish and soothe dry skin. The star of the show is the organic and sustainably harvested bladderwrack seaweed. It has over 65 vitamins and minerals to calm and restore the skin. Even better, The Seaweed Bath Co. is Leaping Bunny certified and all of their products are vegan, and gluten and paraben free!

6. Give Yourself A Mani-Pedi

A manicure and pedicure can run you over $50 at a salon. Doing your nails at home? Relaxing and priceless! Chances are you’ve got everything in your arsenal at give yourself a gorgeous and soothing mani-pedi in your makeup kit. First, use you Spongellé Pedi-Buffer (featured in the Spring Bonus Box) to gently buff away any callouses and to soothe and massage tired feet. Next, clean up, trim and shape your nails using the NCLA Beauty Cheers Tool Kit (featured in the July 2018 Bless Box). Apply a couple coats of JINsoon Farouche nail polish – the gorgeous magenta shade featured in our Summer Bonus Box. Finally, replenish your cuticles with the Deep Sea Cosmetics Nourishing Cuticle Oil (featured in the Spring Bonus Box). Voila!

7. Bless Your Skin With Some TLC

Only got 10 minutes for some self care? No sweat, babe! Throw on a sheet mask, relax for a few minutes, and regroup! One of my personal favorites is the Skinesque 3 Step Brightening + Charcoal Mask from the August Bless Box. Sheet masks aren’t your thing? Check out our blog for the breakdown of every type of face mask, from sheet to mud, gel and more!

How are you showing yourself a little lovin’ this V-Day? Let us know in the comments!

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