5 Ways To Stay Healthy This Fall

Chilly fall air and pumpkin spice wishes aren’t the only things going around this season! With shorter days and colder nights, kiddos back in school and more time spent indoors, cold and flu season has undeniably arrived. Read on for the Bless Guide to staying happy, healthy and vibrant this fall!

Eat In Season

The change of seasons is a great time to change up your diet! Embrace all the delicious fresh foods that fall has to offer, from pumpkins, parsnips, yams, winter squash, sweet potatoes and turnips to apples, pears, figs, elderberries and even cranberries! Eating in season is a great way to support local farmers and to sneak in a boost of nutrition. Autumn fruits and veggies are earthy, rich and packed with antioxidants and minerals – the darker the fruits and veggies, the better they are for your health and immune system!

Boost Your Immune System

Staying hydrated is essential for keeping your immune system in tip-top shape. A great way to sneak in even more immune-boosting antioxidants, vitamins and probiotics is to dress up your water with some drink mixes! I love the HUM Nutrition Raw Beauty Tahitian Vanilla & Berry Infusion (featured in the February 2018 Bless Box). Packed with antioxidants, adaptogens for energy, enzymes, probiotics and fiber, this mix is amazing in shakes too! Read on for more tips on stay hydrated!

HUM Nutrition RAW Beauty packets flatlay with fruit

Wash Your Hands!

Keep your hands away from your face, and far from your mouth and nose. Simply touching a cold or flu-contaminated surface won’t get you sick (because the flu virus can’t infect the skin) but touching the mucosal membrane in your mouth or nose can get you sick. Try to keep a 3 feet radius from anyone who’s coughing or sneezing, and clean communal surfaces (think phone chargers, fridge handles, countertops and light switches) at least once a day. Hands dry from all that scrubbing? Keep a heavy-duty moisturizer on hand, like, the TULA Probiotic Skincare Hand & Nail Therapy from the Spring Bonus Box.

Get Some Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for keeping your immune system function well and staying healthy all fall and winter long. You should be getting between 7 and 9 hours of shut-eye a night. Getting enough sleep is linked to lower stress, increased metabolism, and clearer skin, so slather on a good nighttime moisturizer (my pick? the Simple Skincare Skin Quench Sleeping Cream from the May Bless Box) and hit the hay. Need more help? Stop counting sheep and read the Bless Guide to actually getting a good night’s sleep!

Simple skin quenching sleep cream for sensitive skin


Sure, the cold or flu can make you sick, but guess what? Stress can, too. Stress lowers your metabolism, increases fatigue and irritability, and compromises your immune system. Don’t panic about getting sick, or worry obsessively about keeping your environment sterile. Relax, let your body and mind unwind, and treat yourself to a spa day. In fact, why not try one of the products on our roundup of calming essentials to help you stress less!



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