5 Ways To Celebrate Galentines Day This Year With Your BFFs

Amy Poehler blessed us with Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec. And Leslie Knope, in turn, blessed us with Galentine’s Day. If you haven’t binge-watched Parks and Recreation, you know what your weekend plans are! Galentine’s Day! If you have binge-watched Parks & Rec, you might remember that Galentines Day falls on February 13th (the day before Valentine’s Day). This day celebrates your best girlfriends! Sure, it’s a made-up holiday. But I’ll take any excuse to celebrate all the fab, fierce #bossbabes in my life.

1. Go On An Adventure

When was the last time you did something spontaneous? It’s most likely been a while, right? We’re all adults with grown-up responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some spur-of-the-moment fun! This Galentine’s Day, go on a road trip. Hit the next town over and do some sightseeing. (Don’t forget the roadtrip snacks! I’m obasazzed with the Smashmallow Cookie Dough Mallows from the May 2018 Bless Box!). If budget is a concern, it can be equally fun to find a local trail, go on a hike and enjoy the great outdoors. Your Galentines day can be simple or it can be fancy, just as long as you have fun with your best gal pals!

2. Soak Up Some Culture

This Galenintes Day, get some culture and book tickets for a play, the ballet or an opera! Get all gussied up in your best threads, and go for cocktails or dessert afterward. If that’s not an option, spend an afternoon in a museum feasting your eyes on some gorgeous art. Check the local listings and attend an interesting book reading, an inspiring lecture or even a walking tour. It’s fun to play a tourist in your own city and who knows? You might even discover something new!

3. Have A Sleepover

Remember in middle school when you’d just wait for Friday night so you could have a sleepover party with all your BFFs? Recreate some of the nostalgic fun by having all your BFFs over for a grown-up slumber party! Order some take-out, pop some popcorn, and cue up a movie marathon –  The Devil Wears Prada, anyone?  Even better, make it a spa night and pass out some Yogitoes Headbands (from the December Bless Box) and slap on a face mask, like the June Jacobs Mandarin Moisture Masque (from the August Bless Box) or L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox and Brighten Mask (from the May Bless Box). While you’re waiting for your masks to dry, throw on some Beyoncé and have a dance off! (Trust me, you’re never too old for a dance off).

4. Organize a date night

We all love our boos to bits. But who says that date nights should be reserved for your significant other only? This Galentines Day, leave bae at home and take your BFFs on a date instead! Check out a movie and have some dinner afterward. Go bowling or go to a wine-and-paint night. Hit up a wine tasting and sample some rosé. Whatever you do, hit the town with your best gals!

5. Brunch it up together

Invite your BFFs over for a ladies-only brunch! But instead of toiling away in the kitchen to make sure everything is perfect, have everyone bring their signature dish. Don’t forget the mimosas!


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