How To Take An Instagram Pic Like A Lifestyle Blogger

A lot goes into snapping the perfect staged-but-not-too-staged casual Instagram shot. Our fave bloggers and insta gurus make it all look effortless. Here are 3 secrets behind nailing the perfect pic!


How to take the perfect Instagram:

Grab Your Bestie 

When the self-timer fails, enlist your BFF or your sister to be your photographer. Have them take a series of rapid-fire shots (Burst Mode is your best friend for this!) while you’re having a conversation or enjoying a sweet treat. The results will be genuine and un-staged.

Move It! 

If you’re feeling stiff in a shot, it will show in your body language. Move around! Repeat an action, like taking a few steps forward and back, or leaning forward to smell some blooms, will keep your body relaxed and natural.

Grab A Prop

Don’t know what to do with your hand? Pick up a prop! A coffee mug, your pet, a cute bag, or even your phone – having something to hold and focus on will make you more comfortable and relaxed. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to show off that cute phone case!

Do you have any industry secrets that you want to share? Tag us in your selfies and tell us all your secrets to getting the perfect ‘gram.


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