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When am I billed?
You will be charged immediately after checkout for the full term chosen. Your subscription is renewed on the interval chosen during check out.

How much is shipping?
Bless Box is proud to offer $7.50 flat rate shipping per box for all US domestic subscribers. International subscribers will be charged $20 (may vary) per box.

When does my subscription renew?
Subscriptions renew based on their interval chosen during checkout, on the last day of the month after the last box has shipped.

Note, if you subscribed past the 18th of the month but were still able to receive that month’s box, you may receive two charges within a one-month period so that your account is up to date for the next month’s shipment. (For example, if you sign up January 25th and receive a late January box shipment, you will be charged sometime before February 18th so that you can also receive February’s box on time.) After this initial catch-up, you will be charged regularly once per month.

What’s your cancellation policy?
Bless Box subscriptions renew automatically. Multi-month subscription plans cannot be refunded during the subscription period. To prevent your subscription from renewing, you should contact our support team at hello@blessbox.com before your next renewal date. Read our full cancellation policy.